Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World

Also known as soccer, football is an immensely popular sport all over the world and the most lucrative. A soccer player requires strength and skills. Successful football players enjoy huge fan following all over the world. They also make plenty of money. Based on Wealth-X  and Goal 2014 lists of the Top 10 Richest Footballers in the World.

=9) Gianluigi Buffon (Italy) – Net Worth: $70 Million

Gianluigi Buffon is the captain and goal keeper of Italy. He is also the captain of Turin. He has made plenty of money by endorsing the popular brand Puma.


=9) Yaya Toure (Ivory Coast) – Net Worth: $70 Million

Toure has received African Player of the Year three consecutive times since 2011 and is recognised as one of the Côte d’Ivoire’s ‘Golden Generation’. He was an important player in the Barcelona team that won the Champions League in 2009 and is currently the engine room of Manchester City’s team. He earns a reported $15 million a year to reinforce his status as one of the world’s best.




8) Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon) – Net Worth: $75 Million

This Cameroon striker earned a world record salary of 20 million euros in 2011, during his time in Russia he was the world’s highest paid footballer. He was in the news in 2009 when he bought 33,000 euros worth of watches for his Cameroon National Teammates. He also makes money through endorsements and investments in telecommunication (SET) back in Cameroon. Wealth-X put his net worth at $75 million.

Samuel Eto’o


=6) Didier Drogba (Ivory Coast) – Net Worth: $90 Million

Didier Drogba’s enormous fortune is impressive, considering the Ivorian didn’t earn a big move until his 2004 transfer to Chelsea at the age of 26. Since then however the former Chelsea legend has signed a number of lucrative contracts. At the height of his powers at Chelsea he was paid $170,000 a week, a figure dwarfed however by the staggering $325,000 he earned in his short spell at Shanghai Shenhua. He currently earns $5.2million a year at Galatasaray, however with a number of lucrative sponsorship deals his actual earnings a year are far more.



=6) Ronaldinho (Brazil) – Net Worth: $90 Million

If you have watched the 2002 world cup, you will remember Ronaldinho’s outstanding performance. His movement from PSG to Barcelona earned him plenty of money. His total earning was estimated to be around 30 million euros. He has also earned through his association with brands like Nike.


5) Wayne Rooney (England) – Net Worth: $95 Million

Wayne Rooney signed the biggest contract in British football history recently. He will be paid 365,000 euros weekly by Manchester United for the next five years. He also earns by endorsing brands like Nike.


YiAN Kourt/Shutterstock


4) Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden) – Net Worth: $100 Million

This immensely talented Swede was regarded as the most expensive player in football history in 2013. His fortune is thanks mainly to frequently moving between a host of big name clubs including Barcelona, AC Milan, Juventus and PSG.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic


3) Kaká (Brazil) – Net Worth: $110 Million

Kaka is making plenty of money through commercial deals with popular brands like Ea Sports, Adidas and Sony. He also owns many luxury apartments in Manhattan, New York, and other cities like Milan and Madrid.


AGIF /Shutterstock


2) Lionel Messi (Argentina) – Net Worth: $180 Million

This Argentine striker signed a contract with Barcelona in December 2012. It is valid till 2018. As per the contract, he will be paid 15 million euros per annum. He also makes money through endorsements. He is associated with many reputed brands like Adidas.

Barcelona's Lionel Messi

1) Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) – Net Worth: $230 Million

This Portuguese striker is the holder of Ballon d’Or and the wealthiest soccer player in the world. He  is also the world’s most expensive footballer, costing $132 million when he moved to Real Madrid in 2009. He will be with the team till 2018. He also earn 17 million euros every year from the Portuguese national team. The Real Madrid star is the second highest endorser in football history after David Beckham.

Cristiano Ronaldo

YiAN Kourt/Shutterstock

The above-mentioned football greats entertain football lovers all over the world through their skill. They deserve all the money they are making.


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