14 Things Every Girl Who Kept A Low Cut In Secondary School Can Relate To


In some schools, girls were not allowed to plait their hair

If you went to a school where girls were not allowed to plait their hair, here are some things we’re sure you can relate to.

1. When they say all girls are mandated to cut off their hair at your new school

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2. And the reason is so foolish

In some schools, legend has it that one girl years ago, was a witch and used to remove her head and plait her own hair.


3. For some people, their mothers made them cut their hair so they can concentrate

Nigerian mothers and their logic

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4. Seeing other girls go to the salon during weekends was pure torture


5. Envy for girls with really long hair was also very real

It’s hard to be a fine girl with gorimapa. Not everybody could rock the look well, and the boys always went for the girls with long hair.


6. Hiding your head under your beret was an everyday tactic

Thank God for berets. They covered all sins.

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7. The worst thing that could happen was a boy snatching your beret off your head after you just got a new haircut


8. Being the only girl at the barber shop was probably the most annoying thing ever


9. And you had to beg the barber not to cut too low each time, but they never listened


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10. It was so hard to try and let small hair grow so you can do fine hair for Christmas

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11. And the most heartbreaking thing was hearing the hairdresser say they can’t ‘pick’ your hair

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12. You probably felt on top of the world the first time you did ‘ajankolokolo’

Then people will sing, ‘Ajankolokolo, eleshin shin lori’ for you

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13. The really big girls got to put some relaxer on their hair and ‘blow’ it

You probably felt like Miss World the first time you did this.

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14. The pain of having to cut all your hair again in January was just too real

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