10 Struggles 16GB iPhone Users Totally Understand

Getting a 16GB iPhone may save you a few bucks, until you realize that you have to live with insufficient storage

If you’ve ever had a 16GB iPhone, we know your story.


1. When you realize that your phone memory is actually less than 16GB

The one I’m trying to manage isn’t up to 16GB

Funke Akindele

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2. You when you see a new update for an app

I’m not doing this abeg.

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3. And then you have to think of what app to delete because no space

Because the features on the new app looks enticing


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4. Of course you have no songs on your phone because 16GB



5. So streaming platforms are your best friends

And your data is dancing away too

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6. Few pictures because you know no space

Oh gosh


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7. And so you have to back up to Dropbox or Google Photos all the time

Bye bye data

facepalm Gif

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8. When your friend wants to buy a 16GB iPhone


Please respect yourself


9. When you go out and people ask you how you’re dealing with your 16GB iphone

Can you kindly get out of my sight?

Don't Vex Me meme

Image: NairaLand


10. You know you’ve thought of iPhones having memory cards before to store everything

Admit it. We can tell Tim Cook this year

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What other struggles do you have using 16GB iPhones?

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