13 Signs You Are Bored Of Your Relationship And It Needs Saving

Every relationship has its ups and downs regardless of how rosy you would want it to be, it becomes work.

When it is time to put in the effort this is when you know if you actually love the person you’re with. After some time a relationship can get so boring that you wonder what put you there in the first place. This is when most people break up and the signs are usually there that your relationship needs saving ASAP.

Here are the signs you are bored of your relationship and need to save it the best way you know how to.

1. You have stopped putting effort into anything including dressing.

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2. Everyone else is more exciting than your other half.


3. Sex feels like a chore not something you look forward to.

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4. Only one of you puts the effort for doing things together.

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5. A future together doesn’t excite you any more.


6. Keep doing the same things over and over again and the routine is tiring.


7. Use alone time as an excuse to hold a party with fun people.

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8. Chances are you have also become boring so you bore each other.

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9. You constantly remind each other about the interesting things you used to do when you started dating.


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10. You envy your single friends.

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11. Cannot enjoy your hobbies together and don’t put effort to enjoy them.


12. When your friends ask you about your other half you want to move on swiftly.


13. Think about the times you were single and how your life was better.

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