Here Are 31 Ways Babies Are Carried Around The World By Mothers

Giving birth is one thing, fending for the baby is another and throughout the life of an infant, a mother will always have to think of a way to carry her baby, so she can go about her chores.

Every mother around the world and the way they go about it and so without much ado, here are 31 ways mothers around the world wear their babies and it is amazing.


1. Ghana


2. Liberia (Kpelle Women)


3. India (Bonda Women)


4. Nigeria (Kanga Women)


5. Vietnam


6. Benin


7. Mexico


8. Burkina Faso



9. Cambodia


10. Nigeria (Ebira Women)


11. Indonesia (Kenyah Women)


12. Sudan


13. Indonesia (Bahau Busang Women)


14. India


15. America (Phoenix Arizona)


16. Malaysia


17. Iran


18. Tibet


19. Ethiopia


20. Nepal



21. Korea



22. Kenya


23. Madagascar


24. China


25. Puerto Rico


26. South Africa


27. Eskimos (Parak Women)


28. Angola (Mukubal Women)


29. East Africa (Afar Woman)


30. Gambia


31. Ethiopia

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