Can You Remedy This Math Drawback For 7-Yr-Olds That Is Making Adults Go Loopy?

Maths is maths.

It’s not like English the place generally the discretion of the examiner might be used. Regardless of the method you utilize for a maths query, the reply is the reply (whether or not it’s only a determine or falls inside a spread).

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This query for second-grade college students (principally 6 and 7-year-olds) in a math take a look at learn:

There have been some individuals on a prepare.

19 individuals get off the prepare on the first cease.

17 individuals get on the prepare.

Now there are 63 individuals on the prepare.

How many individuals have been on the prepare to start with?

Can You Solve This Math Problem For 7-Year-Olds That Is Making Adults Go Crazy?

Adults are going loopy over the reply to this query.

Are you able to resolve it?

Verify the reply under.

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