Check Out These 7 Advantages Of Using A Mac Laptop 6, Will Blow Your Mind

Mac products have bee described as ostentatious but the truth is that they have several advantages above window products which is much cheaper.
1 – Back-up your files and data
Apple introduced its hassle-free Time Machine back-up solution alongside OS X Leopard back in October 2007.
And nine years on, nothing on Windows comes close. The effortless in-built app launches the first time you plug an external drive into your MacBook or iMac and checks whether you want to create a back-up. Time Machine saves hourly back-ups for the last 24 hours, daily backups for the past month, and weekly back-ups for everything else.
These back-ups can be used to restore your computer to a specific date after a fresh operating system installation, or import all of your documents, music, files, saved settings and in-app preferences to a new computer.
But it’s not simply a case of all-or-nothing.
You can also delve into your back-ups via the stunning user interface, and shuffle through saved snapshots to retrieve a single file from a folder you deleted months ago. Once you’ve located the file in your back-up, you just drag-and-drop to a chosen folder on your current machine.
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